Hassan Braimah, a large swarthy man wearing a smock and black trousers, turned his cold eyes on Nurse Elsie.

“That is a really serious and dangerous allegation you’re making, Nurse Elsie, to put it mildly,” the Chairman said, and it was quite evident that he was displeased. “Now why on earth would Bobo Dovlo set out to intentionally drive a young man insane? It beats the imagination, and it is quite preposterous! I’ve known Bobo for quite some time now, you know. I was in Middle School with him, right down to the university, even before he married his first wife. What you’re inferring is absolutely mind-boggling, unethical, criminal, inconceivable and so barbaric that I just can’t wrap my mind around it. Give me a reason, just one, why a professional like Doctor Dovlo will do such a thing!”

Elsie looked at the Chairman without batting an eye.

“Because, some years ago, Kofi Kuntu made the unfortunate mistake of having a short affair with a woman he didn’t know was married,” Elsie said carefully.

“That woman was Mrs. Naana Basiwaa Dovlo, the late wife of Doctor Bobo Dovlo.”

There were sharp intakes of breath from both men, and then they exchanged startled looks.
“Go on, Miss Elsie Ansah,” Judge Buabasah said tightly. “Tell us about this. Everything you know!”


Events took quite a frightening turn later that afternoon!

Maa Abena, hurting in her room after that painful moment with Kofi, heard a knock on her door, and when she opened it she saw Nii Lin standing there with a happy expression on his face.

“Looks like you just won the lottery, Nii Lin,” she said, intrigued.

“Wow, more than the lottery!” he said with a grin. “You know Miss Ansah went to see that buffoon of a judge?”

Maa Abena smiled but she scowled at him too.
“Yes, she told me, and I’ve been praying,” Maa Abena said. “Is she back?”

“Yes!” Nii Lin said with a broader grin. “She came back with the Judge and the Chairman of the Adada Board! They’re all in Bobo Dovlo’s office. I was sent to call you.”

“Oh, thank God, thank God!” Maa Abena said with a happy triumphant smile. “Just a moment, Nii Lin. Let put on my canvas shoes.”

A few minutes later they rode the elevator to the fourth floor of the administrative block and entered the functional conference room where most meetings were held.

Judge Akwasi Buabasah and Doctor Hassan Braimah, the Chairman of the Adada Asylum Board of Directors, were sitting at the head of huge glass-topped conference table.

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