They were dragged with relentless force through the wall, and Ato saw their agonized expressions as they were s—-d out with such uncompromising force that it appeared to be a blur!

The last sight he had of them were their looks of acute pain and terror!

At the same time the door unlocked and blasted open!

Ato was weeping and praying as he fell to his knees with the release of terror!

Something was stinking rather nastily, he realised after a while, and at first he thought it was something those evil entities had left in the room. It was when he felt a wetness in his behind that he realised his bowels had loosened, and he had messed himself up.

He did not mind though.

He was proud, and happy, and so filled with pride that he walked boldly into the bathroom to clean himself and take a shower!

When he put on the bathroom door he saw another shrivelled old man sitting in the bath, covered from head to toe with calico!

This man’s face was reversed!

His chin was where his forehead was supposed to be, and then his mouth, nose, eyes and finally his forehead, which was sitting on his neck!

“Eeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiii!” Ato scream with sheer terror again. “Woooooooooooo!!”

The old man raised his hand and pointed a crooked finger at Ato.

“Yew keeked the Mallam Busanga haid!” he began.

“Yesu Christo eeeeeeiii!” Ato screamed as tears coursed down his cheeks. “Yesu bra ooo, bra oooo, bra oooo!”

The man began to tremble as if a giant hand was rocking the bath!

He was s—-d through the air as he began to scream, and then he was pulled out of the window forcibly, his upside-down face shattering in a wail of terror and pain!

Ato Sey, heart pounding, realized that he had messed himself up even more!

He was weeping and jabbering as he cleaned himself, and the bathroom smelt as if it was the dumping site of the country’s faeces.

A long time later, he took a long, sweet bath.

He covered himself with perfume and deodorant, and then he went for his student mattress.

He spread it on the floor in the bedroom, fell on it with his Bible, read Psalm 23 through, prayed, and then he slept the sleep of the dead!

It was night, shortly after midnight, when the door to the infirmary opened slowly, and a slender figure slipped into the ward.

It was a slender man.

He moved in the darkness stealthily, making sure not to collide with any of the fixtures and cause noise. He moved to the last bed and found Kofi lying restlessly on his back.

Kofi was in the sky-blue pyjamas of the inmates. He was asleep, but he was turning restlessly from side to side, his face covered with sweat, and his pyjama top pasted to his body because of the sweat he had shed.

He was making silent m0an!ng sounds in his throat, his face filled with a tortured expression even in his sleep.

The slender man went closer to the bed and suddenly put his gloved hand across Kofi’s mouth.

Kofi began to struggle furiously immediately, but the slender man bent over the bed and hissed desperately.

“Hey, hey, take it easy, man! Take it easy!”

Kofi opened his eyes slowly and peered into the gloom. The lights were out and the only form of illumination was the inadequate glow of the lights outside filtering into the room.

“Who is it?” Kofi asked weakly. “Who are you, and what are you doing here?”

“Shh, shh, shh!” the man who had clamped a hand over Kofi’s mouth shushed him desperately. “You’re making too much noise, man! Guards are patrolling outside, and I don’t want to alert them. My name is Fiifi Aidoo!”

Kofi stopped struggling and lay still.

The slender man slowly took his hand off Kofi’s mouth and sat down gingerly at the side of the bed.

Kofi looked at him in the gloom with a certain level of mistrust. He wondered if more guards were waiting outside, to crowd him and beat him up again.

“Fiifi Aidoo?” Kofi asked, puzzled.

“The security man you saved from Baluu!” Fiifi said earnestly. “If you hadn’t come around, that man would have decapitated me with that knife! I owe you my life, man!”

“Oh, I see now,” Kofi said, nodding weakly. “Yes, I do remember now. But what are you doing here now?”

“Listen, I feel really bad about what went down,” Fiifi said in a rush, his voice quite unsteady. “I’ve been thinking about the whole thing, and I remember how I hit you with the baton. I was wrong, man.”

“That’s okay, buddy,” Kofi said weakly and sat up in the bed. “Could you please get me some water? I feel so weak, so tired, and I have a splitting headache. I don’t know what is happening to me. I’ve been having very bad dreams, and I keep seeing visions!”

Fiifi went to the little fridge in the corner and brought Kofi three sachets of water. Kofi drank all of them thirstily.

“Thank you, buddy,” he said weakly and fell back down on the bed.

“I don’t understand some things, man,” Fiifi said quickly. “I mean, the director and the security men told me there was bad streak in you. They said you sleep with corpses and kill people for ritual stuff!”

“No, no, man,” Kofi said, panting for breath. “That ain’t true! The Director has a personal vendetta against me. That story is not true at all.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, man,” Fiifi said. “Nii Lin told me you’re just an innocent victim. And now all that s–t is going down and I feel so confused. The Director has relieved me of my post, you know. He’s my father’s friend, and he tells me he has a new employment for me, with another Company. I start work next week, and so he wants me to leave this place, and that I shouldn’t tell anybody anything about what went down. I knew immediately that there was something fishy going down! And now the issue with Nii Lin and that nurse and that beautiful girl are all affecting me badly!”

Kofi struggled up again, his heart beating with trepidation.

“Nii and a nurse and a beautiful girl?” he asked, his body going numb. “What are you talking about?”

“S–t, you haven’t heard?” Fiifi said and leaned closer. “S–t hit the ceiling today, man! Apparently the senior nurse here, Elsiesie or something…”

“Nurse Elsie Ansah, yeah,” Kofi said impatiently. “What happened to her?”

“She went to see the top brass, see? To complain about how you’re not insane but the Director is keeping you here. Well, this afternoon they all descended here, top top people from the top government things, man. Seems there’s going to be investigations into the allegations, and so the nurse, Nii and that sweet Abena chick were all forced out of here, man, to proceed on leave. The Director is also out, and that Kankpe woman is now in charge, bro, until investigations are over!”

“My God!” Kofi breathed with equal measures of delight and sadness. “So where are they? Why didn’t any of them come to tell me?”

“They were not allowed to get in here, man!” Fiifi said tautly. “That Abena chick was weeping, bro! She wanted to see you for just two minutes, but the guards, under the instructions of the Director, I guess, wouldn’t let her! I felt shitbombed, man, really bad!”

Kofi smiled in the darkness, and tears came to his eyes.

“She wanted to see me!” he said, nodding. “That’s a good sign! That’s a really good sign, yes, yes. You know something, she is right! She’s so right! I have to d–n this ABCD s–t and speak to Ato, you know, mano-a-mano, get this d–n issue cleared up! But first I hear Akweley is gonna get married again. I hurt Akweley bad! Do you have a phone, man? Gotta call Akweley, and beg her for forgiveness. I owe her that much, you know, after all the s–t I put her through. If she’ll accept me, I’ll make it up to her. If not, then I guess that is that, and my conscience will be clear as I fight for Abena!”

“Hey, hey, hey, slow down, man, what the f–k!” Fiifi said, agitated. “You’ve got more problems, bro! Huge, gargantuan problems!”

“What problems?” Kofi asked, smiling. “Bobo Dovlo is out of here! The investigations would reveal how diabolical he’s been! Whichever way it goes, the truth will come out, and he’s not getting out of this, man! I’m out of here, finally!”

“So you think, man!” Fiifi said slowly. “That man has been a friend to my old man for a long time, buddy. I know him, and he’s very shrewd, very shrewd. You don’t want to underestimate that dude! He looked all smug and pompous this afternoon, and I knew something nasty was going on. And it was confirmed by Amina to me, this evening, and I just knew I had to wait and see you!”

“Amina?” Kofi asked. “Who’s Amina?”

“My girlfriend, bro, one of the cleaners here!” Fiifi said earnestly. “She was going to clean the washroom in the Director’s office about a month ago. She said the door to his office wasn’t closed all the way, and she saw the Director and that Doctor, that Kankpe woman, kissing inside the Director’s office! She was shocked, man, because no one even knew they were that close! They rarely speak to each other, man, but they’re bonking…”

“Klonking!” Kofi whispered even before he knew he had spoken.

“What was that?” Fiifi asked, puzzled. “I said bonking, bonking, not glonking!”

“My goodness!” Kofi explained, going numb all over. “Elsie, Nii and Maa Abena are off, and Director Dovlo is off too, but if Doctor Joan Kankpe is in charge, and she’s Dovlo’s lover…”

“Yes, yes, bro, then it means the Director is still in charge, and you’re roasted like Tamale pork!

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