Suddenly it all made sense to Kofi Kuntu!
That was why he was being kept at the infirmary, and not getting any better!
Instead, although his body was healing from the beating he had received, he was getting worse inside the infirmary!

The headaches were frequent and bad. He was thirsty all the time! He had been seeing visions, nasty visions! He felt so disoriented all the time, and his dreams were now horrible nightmares!
Doctor Joan Kankpe was slowly driving him insane…on Dovlo’s orders no doubt!
“I’ve got to get out of here, bro!” Kofi said hoarsely.

“Yeah, yeah, man, but you can’t get out just like that!” Fiifi replied. “The security has been beefed up solid. But I remember what you did for me, buddy, even though I was so mean to you, and I wanna help in any way I can! Do you know they’ve brought Baluu to the infirmary too?”

“What?” Kofi asked hollowly.

“Yes, this evening, after that meeting!” Fiifi said. “It seemed he was extremely fierce, and so they sedated him and brought him to the infirmary! He’s in Ward B, just across this ward, through that interconnecting door! When I checked that door, it was unlocked, and Baluu is sleeping! He’s not in a straitjacket too. If he wakes up and walks in here…ha, he’ll make you urinate and s–t in your pants! He will wring you like Ashaiman laundry bedsheet. In fact, he will rokoto your neck like Abyssinia beads!”
“Jesus!” Kofi whispered with fear. “Quick, man, quick! Is there any fire extinguisher around?”

“Yeah, a small one is clipped to the wall at the entrance, outside! Why are you asking? I’m telling you about serious things and you’re worried about fires?”

“Please, get it for me, quickly, please!” Kofi said with great horror.

“Yeah, hey, hey, relax, man!” Fiifi said with some great unease and stood up.

Some minutes later he came back with the small fire extinguisher and gave it to Kofi.

“Listen, man!” Fiifi said earnestly. “I have seen what is going on here, and it is nasty, very nasty. I’ve been assigned new employment, but I waited to see how I could help you. I can go outside these walls, but you can’t. Please, what should I do? Is there someone you want me to contact? A friend, police, journalist? Just tell me, and I’ll do it!”

“Yeah, there’s a man I sold a house to some time ago when I was working with Laryea Odamten,” Kofi said weakly. “You can…”

Kofi could not finish because Fiifi Aidoo stood up with a sudden squeal of fear and began to dash madly through the darkness, running like a mad person, clattering into objects in his mad fear, and a moment later he went out of the main entrance screaming with terror!

Kofi struggled slowly to his feet and turned, trying to find out what had spooked the young man so madly.

And then he saw Baluu.

The abnormally muscled giant was standing at the far end of the ward. He had just come out through the interconnecting door that linked Wards ‘A’ and ‘B’.

He was wearing only the bottoms of his blue pyjamas, and his muscles shone and bunched in the darkness.

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