How to Approach Women/girl and Get Less Rejection

There are several things involved in approaching  a strange girl lady or woman and turning her into a friend or a potential lover in seconds or few minutes.Some of this  are

appearing  confident  being well dressed ,voice tonality and tonacity,your social position at the point of approach and so on.but below are fewthings to take note of so as to

enhance your success with women approach.

1. ENVIROMENT : The enviroment where you are making approach matters a lot , when there are less women in the area or around and more men or guys in the gathering.the

women’s defence is usually up

2. POPULATION : Women put down there defences where there are more people than where there are less people ,especially when the people are many and they are all partaking

in a joint task or activity maybe getting something done ,or working or a party, for Example : You wont get the same result if you go to a mall to approach women on monday or

tuesday as when you do on a saturday afternoon and weekend, this doesnt mean you arent going to get a good result but will be better when done on the recommended days

3. PRESENT MOOD : I wont prescribe for a man to study a lady’s mood before carrying on with an approach but meeting a stranger has two things involved,you either close her (

get her number ) or get familiar as friends with tendency of meeting later  or get rejected.Some men dont want to get rejected in certain locations  or around certain types of people

people so you have to study her mood IS SHE IN A HURRY? IS SHE WORRIED ABOUT ABOUT SOMETHING? BUSY TRYING TO GET SOMETHING DONE? you can still approach her just

know when your odds are high and low and know what to get ready for in this type of situation and dont overthink it,no stranger girl is worth your overthinking. TRY your luck as

women will leave anything they are trying to do or are thinking of to get the attention or listen to the man they have interest in

4. CHOOSING SIGNALS : When a lady is interested in you, they start sending you choosing signals which is also known as indicator of interests,when you see things like these

(examples to be given) ,never hold back to strike out with your approach move by introducing yourself or a compliment or a simple joke,i wouldnt recommend a tease here,as she

has already shown her interest in you so you have to also show back that you love it and reward her for showing it so that she will be more comfortable with expressing how she

feels towards you and you wont be confused in the conversation or the consequent process of the friendship/flirting or relationship

Examples of choosing signals are touching,nudity/exposing some sensitive part of her body ,shit tests/testing your emotional strength/unnecessary arguement or

misunderstanding,introducing sex talks by herself,Waiting for you in a certain position or location just to make sure you notice her

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