How to pass a mathematics test or exam

Passing a mathematics test or exam or even a mere mathematical exercise which counts or determine the fate of your academic progress is usually a tedious task when mathematics

is not your best subject

Here are the authentic guidelines on how to pass math exam

  1. Realise and be aware of your True ability

,You might be good in math, fair, Very good or just the worse student ever in the world, it doesn’t matter just be aware of your strength and weakness ,BUT don’t let it gets to your

mind or weigh you down, by doing this,your mind and brain will be open enough

  • 2 .You have to study hard for Math If you want to pass and come out in flying colours, even the math geniuses do study a lot for it but they don’t find it hard because survey

    shows that most people who succed in mathematics and mathematical related Subjects love math since they have been toddlers but that’s not an excuse for you not to excel,

    you just have to study hard anyway and anyhow 3. Believe you have to pass the exam: You have to know that the exam is not about if you pass or not ,no contingency other

    than excelling ,and don’t study with MOOD ,that’s written in upper case because it is very important …study Every day with schedule and don’t miss it and anyday you miss it,

    regret it so that you don’t fall into continuously breaking your study routine

4. Concentrate your efforts on the topics and things you were thought by your class teacher : The exam questions will come from your class academic syllabus and the things you

were thought in class, and if it is an external examination (SAT as an example) which the examiners have no relationship with your teacher,It’s adviced that you make sure you go

through and practice a lot with past questions of the particular examination,examples and exercises in the textbook applicable

5. while studying learn to be fast with solving solutions

We are talking about exam right? You should know that’s gonna deal with time so you should be able to answer question correctly withing a shorter period of time as you are

getting better in your math practices

6. Join a study group : Research shows tHat 80 percent of people learn better with images,teacher teachings, audios and videos, so having someone to teach you this directly is like

50 percen work done for you if you are able to get one ,the person who won’t be tired of correcting you while making repeated mistakes at preliminary stages

7. Get all necessary items needed: CalcuLators,rulers ,mathematical instruments (compasses,protactors and so on ),so as to make the exercise easy for you and make sure you go to

yOur exam seat armed with your own stationeries and necessary equipments

8. Never exhaust your mental energy on any question you find TOO DIFFICULT !: leave it ,go to the next one and come back to it later

9. Learn to guess : When you are dealing with multiple choice questions and you aren’t sure or don’t know what the answer is, the best thing is to guess but there is just 5 percent

probability of picking the right answer, so never rely on this, onlY apply this after you have answered all you could with your logic,preparation and intelligence ,in this guessing of a

thing , there isn’t phrAse method where you carve a phrAse that fits into the options alphabets ,for example, you are having options A to D for each questions, and you gave 50

questions,YOu can use a phrase of ABA A BAD CAC Aba is a location in africa Nigeria, CAC is an international churcg denomination, It’s just an illustration ,so carve your own niche

and excel



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