How to pass UTME (jamb) with less or no reading at all

This an eye opening article that a lot of Nigeria students dont pay attention to the points when they are being told and now that you have decided to take this piece of instruction,i

will tell you how you will pass jamb/utme with less or no reading stress

I am not one of those motivational speakers who is here to tell you that jamb is not hard or UTME is this and that,it is hard and it is sweet if one read easily and succesfully to pass it

but as we all know ,it is easier said than done,book no easy and na person wey know way know book/na person pass na him know book so straught to the list of the things i am

here to tell you

1. STUDY UTME PAST QUESTION : Unless you want to go for direct runz or malpractice,the first way is to get yourself familiar with past questions,you have a better luck and

chance if you are doing more of the courses or subjects that doesnt involve much calculations or no calculation at all,because most of this subjects have their questions repeated

without alteration ,no changing of word ,option A still as option A and so on,i hope you can understand what i am trying to say ,the past questions will be repeated directly ,so if you

can study repeatedly,effectively,and carefully the past question of the last 15 years for each subjects that you have to offer ,you will find jamb as the easiest exam that you will have

ever attempt in your life ,if you study very well within 2 months ,you will some questions that you dont know the meaning while your friends are tresting it or in the practice past

questions but you will know the answers even if you dont understand the questions ,dont forget ,NA PERSON WEY PASS KNOW BOOK

2:  HAVE STUDY GROUP : You need a study group not for you to be reading together but so as to be taking notes of the places or aspects that you havent covered and area you

have to concentrate on more than the other

How to pass UTME (jamb) with less or no reading at all
How to pass UTME (jamb) with less or no reading at all

3. BUY ALL THE NECESSARY BOOKS AND MATERIALS : Jamb usually have a book they recommend for everyone every year foruse of english ,the grammer aspect of it and he

literature we all knkw that use of english is compulsory for evrry UTME candidates,you MUST read those books that are recommended,and i can assire you that if you can

get those books (own by giving or by buying) maybe someone guve you or you buy them but make them so accessible to you that you will read and study them to the extent that

you wont fail any question from it ,and i can assure you that this alone can get you 50 percent of all the marks you are to get from use of english, now add the answers you wikl get

right base on the fact that you study your past question well ,and then the ones you guess

4. UTME NEGATIVE MARKING IS BULLSHIT! : Any question you find confusing that you dont know ,dont bother yourself and go and do all the ones you know first and then come

back to pick random answers out of guessing ,there is no penalty for it DONT BE FOOLED!

5 . TIME CONSCIOUSNESS : Make sure you practice better  use of time while answering questions ,DONT RUSH YOURSELF but DONT WASTE TIME ON IRRELEVANT ACTIVITIES OR

QUESTIONS AS WELL ,any question you turn out to know very well,leave it and come back to it later

6. GET FAMILIAR WITH COMPUTER  : It is no more a pencil and paper time as we all know so you dont actually have to be computer literate to do a cbt exam as far as you can use

your smartphone ,you can also use cbt for your utme ,but i will advise you to get familiar with using cbt for jamb/utme before the day of exam as that will also make your fast and

also avoid stories that touch

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