Ikere Gorge Dam In Iseyin Lga, Oyo State (a beautiful tourist attraction in oyo state


Ikere is a town located in Iseyin Local Government Area of Oyo State Nigeria.
It is about 28km North East Iseyin. The town is a home to the popular Ikere Gorge Dam. It is located on the Ogun river with a reservoir capacity of about 690 million meter cube.

I have visited the Ikere Gorge Dam on more than three occasions, the last time I visited the Dam was 12th of August, 2019 which is the second day of Eid Al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice).
The trip was led by the Hon. President of Iseyin Youth Development Group (IYDG) in person of Hon. Babajide Oniyo, Hon. Shina Peller, my humble self Sakariyau Tijani Sheu (Sheubaba) and the entire members of IYDG.
The theme of this year program was “Convergence season 3/ Developmental Tour”. We paid a visit to the Ado Awaye Iyake suspended lake and later proceeded to Ikere George Dam both in Iseyin LGA.
Iseyin Youth Development Group (IYDG) aim is the way forward for the development of Iseyin, Oke Ogun and the entire Nigeria at large, therefore Ikere George Dam must not be abandoned. Charity begins at home.

A Dam is a barrier that stops or restrict the flow of water or underground stream. -Wikipedia
Some Dams are constructed to change the direction of river water flow into channel, canal, pipeline etc.

George is a narrow valley between hills or mountains typically with steep rocky walls and a stream running through it.
The term is obtained from the French word “Gorge” which means throat or neck. A George is often smaller than Canyon, although both can be used to describe deep, narrow valleys with a stream or river running along their base.

Ikere Gorge Dam has been abandoned for so long. It is the second largest Dam in Nigeria, but it has been a long forgotten dream.
The Ikere Gorge Dam was first established by the Military regim of Ex President Olusegun Obasanjo and it was set up in 1983 by the then administration of Alhaji Shehu Shagari.
Ikere Gorge Dam was initially planned to generate 6 Megawatts of Electricity.

Furthermore, Dam can also supply water for Iseyin, Iganna, Okeho, Lagos etc.
Among the the plans was also for Irrigation purpose of about 12,000 hectares of land. According to findings, some equipments has been purchased as at then by the Government, they has been kept at the site for the Hydro Power component of the Dam and has not yet been installed.
According to experts the project will take up to 3 to 4 months to be completed.

Ikere Gorge Dam can be developed for aquaculture, I even bought some fishes on our way back from the site visitation. It can create over 1,500 jobs for the youths, production capacity of over one million tonnes of fish annually if fully utilized.

There is no mobile network in the area, we are unable to make or receive calls throughout the visitation.

The 35km access road that lead to the Dam is appalling, the road need to be fixed for easy access.

Conclusively, we the Iseyin Youth Development Group (IYDG) on my humble behalf are calling on the Federal Government of Nigeria to put the Ikere Gorge Dam in good shape for the purpose of Hydro power generation, Irrigation, aquaculture etc.
At the other hand the government should also harness the tourism potential of the Ado-Awaye Iyake suspended lake which is the second suspended lake in the world after the Colorado suspended lake in the USA.
“I am convinced that Nigeria would have been a more highly developed country without the oil. I wished we had never smelled the fumes of petroleum” -Prof Wole Soyinka.
God bless Iseyin, God bless Nigeria.

Ikere Gorge Dam! The second largest Dam in Nigeria.
Ikere Gorge Dam! The time is now.
Ikere Gorge Dam! No more further delay
Ikere Gorge Dam! The untapped blessing
Ikere Gorge Dam! A blessing to our generation
Ikere Gorge Dam! A gift from God Almighty


Ikere Gorge Dam In Iseyin Lga, Oyo State (a beautiful tourist attraction in oyo state
Ikere Gorge Dam In Iseyin Lga, Oyo State (a beautiful tourist attraction in oyo state

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