Juliet Ibrahim Joins Nigeria At Independence Day Eat-out Event At Wells Carlton

Actress Juliet Ibrahim Joins Nigeria At Independence Day Eat-Out Event At Wells Carlton Hotel and Apartments

Africa’s top rated Nollywood-Ghollywood Celebrity, Actress Juliet Ibrahim has joined Nigerians to celebrate her historic 59years of Independence, as she anchors the Independence Eat-Out at Waves Restaurant BBNT; an event that was powered and hosted by Wells Carlton Hotel and Luxury Apartments, two days ago.

The “Independence Eat-Out” Occasion was quite lively and relaxing, especially with the warm live-band presentations which moved Guests into a self-designed dance-floor, where they danced in wild expressions of social joy. Actress Juliet was noticed to be exceptionally satisfied with the outcome and creative concepts behind the eat-out sitting.

It was indeed fun, as billionaire Abuja Based Philanthropist, Dr. Kelly Sampa, Canadian Philanthropist Peter Timothy Kilgore, Queen Zion Kilgore, Alex Nwankwo, Actor Chuck Chyke, Moramore, Dr. Suleiman Adejo, Queen Racheal etc were in attendance to make the occasion overwhelmingly interesting and quite sociable.

She appreciated the organisers, Wells Carlton Hotel, the promoter, Amity Global Network and invitees who made out time to guest the occasion. She stressed that the peace and joy they have shared today will remain evident in the lives of every Nigerian, as she celebrates her 59years of Independence.

Actress Juliet Ibrahim has arrived Abuja-Nigeria few days ago for her Meet and Greet engagements in view of the book she recently authored, “A Toast To Lofe”. In her few days in the FCT, she has made impressive appearance at high profile events and occasions. She is described an African Icon and a model of vibrant and enormous virtues.

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