Man Rubs Military Woman’s Bum In A Bus In Lagos while the man defends himself saying (the toto no tight) ( see video)

A Nigerian man, Dreal Osas has recounted how a soldier woman was Sexually harassed by a man who rubbed her ass inappropriately while inside a bus.

Sharing 3 videos from the scene, he recounts:

“Yesterday was on a bus from Ajah going to CMS.
How military woman reacted when she noticed a local man rubbing her ass from the back.
Video thread.”

“Local man still claiming Ibile without knowing she’s a military woman.”

“On getting to Bonny Camp (Military barrack) Woman asked the man to come down. She really wanted to teach this man a lesson. You know Lagos people, they begged for the Him. Even Police man begged for him. Local man was in shock and his legs started shaking.”

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