My Genotype Is AS And My Fiancee Is AS; What Do I Do?

Greetings to this great house,

As I type this message, my heart is heavy.

Up till today, I have never known my genotype till I went to do medical fitness test for my job/employment process.

I’ve being dating by girlfriend for about two years and seven months now, and I’ve always seen her as a perfect match to me, not because she’s perfect, but because she’s very loyal, reserved and calm, respectful, teachable, willing to learn, beautiful and very supportive to say a few.

Kai, the thought of losing her is killing and unexplainable. cry She had been a BLESSING to me all these while.
We’ve really worked on ourselves and helped each other to overcome our weaknesses.

With the challenges of my new and better job, will I really have that time to woo women and start the process of working on a woman to blend and suit me?

And this is a girl I’m planning to settle down with by the middle of next year, after I must have gotten used to my new job.

I have always believed that my genotype would be AA, but I was wrong!

Somebody told me that there’s nothing God can not do, that he has seen people giving testimonies about change of genotypes. I didn’t doubt him, it’s just that i’m not the “churchious” type who easily believe all those stories.

Now, my questions are:

1.) Is it possible to have just two children without an SS child?

2.) How do I relate this sad news to her (after she has turned down several serious marriage proposals because of me)?

3.) Please, what do I do?

Please, help me and send this to front page for greater views and advice.

Matured and very serious advice needed.


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