NEW STORY : Adventures of a Street Girl – Season 1 Episode 13

Oh God no, this is just a dream, a bad dream.
My mother can’t be here, in the flesh, in the
same room with me. She can’t be standing
here, looking at me with that wicked smile of
hers, no she can’t.

My mother ‘’Tinu’’. Average in height and also slim, dark like me, have the same eyes as me, but really curvy, that’s why it was easy for her to get any man that she wanted when she was selling herself. I wonder if she is still doing it. I was looking at her feeling really scared, I had no idea what her plans were. If she was behind my kidnapping, then she knows about Michael, she knows he is rich.

She isn’t seeing me as her daughter
anymore, no, she’s seeing me as her money
bank. Oh God please help me.

My mother was still on the bed looking at me,
still smiling that dreadful smile of hers, she
looked at me, stared at my chest, down my
legs, and then nodded her head like she liked
what she saw. Looking me in the eye she
‘’Fola, you’ve grown so big, and your
extremely beautiful too’’, 
she used a finger to touch my face, going up and down on my cheeks.

‘’ I can’t believe I have a daughter and she is this beautiful, I really shouldn’t have thrown you out when you were 13, but I honestly thought you would change your mind and come running back home, but you didn’t. I mean did you prefer to live on the streets than to make some easy money in your own house? Do you know how many men out there would die to have an under aged girl as their mistress?, well , you’re stupid and dump, so you not coming back home was a bit of a relief for me. But now that I’ve found you, and you’re with that rich handsome guy, my life will be so much better, and I’ll be so much



richer. You my dear are going to get me some
money. If Michael doesn’t give me what I
want. I will be selling you to the highest
bidder that will use you however he wants. So
you better pray that this Michael of yours will
heed to my instructions. Or just kiss your
perfect little life goodbye.’’
 She pecked me on the cheeks and got up from the bed, still giving me the scary smile, she blew a kiss at me and walked out of the room, telling one of her men to lock the door.
Oh. My. God. I am so dead.

The next day

I was sitting in the room on my bed, praying
to God, asking him to forgive me for all my
sins before I took my plan of escape into
action. Yes I am going to escape, it’s been
five days now and no word from Michael, he’s obviously not going to rescue me. So I
cooked up a plan on how I was going to

Firstly I have to lure one of the guards into
my room, probably the smelling mouth guy or
the other guy, anyone of them anyway. Knock
them out, drag the body aside and lure the
second guard in, then knock him out too.

Then, I’ll escape. I’ll just get into a cab and
leave Lagos, oh, I’ll need money, ok I’ll work for someone at a restaurant, get money and then leave Lagos, because staying here won’t be good for Michael, my mother will use me against him.

Getting up from the bed, I walked to the
wooden door. I knocked on it twice and called
out to anyone outside , no one answered. I
tried again, yelling ‘’hello’’!…… still no one replied , then I tried for the third time yelling, that’s when I heard footsteps, I was scared that it was my mother, the door handle began to shake, I took a hasty step back and waited to see who it was.

The door opened and a really cute young girl
of about 10 years of age I think walked in. she
was very timid. I observed her, taking her in.

looking at how she was dressed, and let me
tell you it was awful, she had a skimpy short
dress that was tight on every part of her
body. She closed the door behind her, and
stood still with her head bowed.

I took a cautious step towards her, knelt
down on one knee to be at her level and really
looked at her. Her head was bowed down like
she was here to serve me, I used a finger to
raise her head up, and she was a really pretty
girl. She had big brown eyes and a short hair,
that looked really soft. I wondered who she
was, this girl became my only concern, my
plan of escaping totally forgotten. I needed to
know who this girl was and if she needed my

She was so quiet, not saying a word. I stared
at her for a few minutes, she was beginning
to fidget, I guess my stare was beginning to
make her uncomfortable, shaking my head I
scolded myself for making her uncomfortable,
it’s the last thing I wanted to do. I’m so

I took one of her hands and tried to calm her,
I started by asking her simple questions. But
I had to start off as a friendly person first , so
I spoke to her calmly and sweetly,
‘’Hi sweetie, how are you? My name is Fola,
can I know yours’’?
 She shook her head saying no. now I was abit confused, was she saying she didn’t want to know my name or she didn’t want to tell me hers.
‘’Sweetie I don’t understand what you mean by no. do you want to tell me your name’’?

She pointed at her mouth , then shook her
head. I was still confused. I didn’t know what
she was saying, anyway I tried asking another
question, I said,
‘’Did that lady tell you to wear this dress’’?

‘’She nodded her head, meaning yes’’.
Wow. Ok, ‘’did she force you to wear it’’?
She nodded her head again meaning yes.

I was speechless. I just looked at her not
knowing what to say anymore. Why would my
mother force a young girl like this to wear
this type of dress, what was she thinking?.

As I was looking at the girl, wondering why
my mother would do a thing like this, the
devil walked in, yes my mother, she walked in
‘’ that girl cannot speak , she is mute, an idiot mute. I don’t even know why I picked her up sef,
I got up from my knelling position, cos it
looked like she was going to talk for a long
time, and I didn’t want my knees to ache. So
I stood up, and waited patiently for her to be
done. She continued to talk…

[B]‘’ but I think she will be of great profit to me.

any man that have her will be able to do
what he wants with her without anyone
finding out, cos she won’t be able to say a

Then she laughed, and it was a wicked
devilish laughter. God I hate her.

Anyway, my dear beautiful daughter, it looks
like your Michael has forgotten all about you.
So I have decided to sell you. You are my
blood I can do whatever I want with you, and
nobody can do anything about it.’’
Oh God, oh God, oh God, who is this woman?
……… she can’t do that. I mean first of all
that’s totally child abuse. And secondly I’m a grown a-s woman; I can do whatever the hell I want. And I am not going to sell my body.

No way . There is no way in hell or in this God
forsaken planet, that I’m going to sell myself,
NO WAY!. I was so pissed I couldn’t think
straight. This idiot of a mother has ruined my
life enough, and now she wants to do the
same to a little girl? A girl that cannot talk,
this is the height of wickedness. I have had

I pushed the little girl behind me, then got in
front of my mother. I was a bit taller than her
thank God, I had a little advantage. Looking
at straight in the eye, no b.s . I said.

‘You are pathetic, and you have no rights
whatsoever to interfere in my life. The right
you had was gone the moment you threw me
out of your house. You’re miserable and
useless. What, you don’t have the ability to
get a man any longer?. Has your beauty
dissipated? I was really close to her now ,
our noses were almost touching. I could see
she was a bit scared and confused, cos she
had no idea that I’ll be able to stand up to
her like that.

She took a step back, I followed. She took
another, I did the same. Finally with a shaky
voice she said.

‘’ you’ve grown some attitude my dear, seems like the streets really did well for you’’.

Then she walked out. Leaving the little girl with

I turned around to look at the little girl, the
girl was a bit scared, so I said,’’ don’t worry sweetie, I’ll take good care of you, no one will harm you. They’ll have to come through me first’’.

Bang! Bang! Bang!………gunshots. I was lying
down on the bed with the little girl in front of
me, we were both facing the wall. When we
suddenly heard the gunshots, and to make it
worse there was no light. I sprinted up from
the bed and ran to the window to look
outside, the moon was big and bright, so it
helped a little cos the room was not totally
dark ,We were at some place I think, it was
full of bushes. From the other side of my
door, I could hear smelling mouth guy yelling
different profanities; I wonder who he was
yelling at. Suddenly I heard him scream, I
never knew a guy could scream so loud, and
he did it like a girl.

I was really scared now cos I had no idea who
was in the building with us. What if it was
another set of kidnappers.

Running back to the little girl I held her close
to me, she was trembling , guess she was as
scared as I was. I’m not surprised , if I was
her, I would be crying by now.

More commotion outside, more yelling, and
swearing, more and more gunshots, I could
hear, glasses shattering, things falling and
breaking, I could also hear men and fighting
and grunting. This is bad, really bad; I’m in a
room with a little girl with no way of escape.
……. Wait. There is a way, the window. I could
go through the window. I knelt down quickly
and said to the little girl,

‘’ sweetie, we are going to get out of here, but we have to do that by going out through the window’’.

She looked at the window, then looked at me,
she then shook her head really fast, if you
think she was saying yes, your wrong, she
was saying a big fat, no….expelling a
frustrated sound I got up, looked for my
shoes, and quickly put them on. Then without
looking at her from where she was standing
looking at me, I walked to the window. It was
a sliding window so getting out could be easy

I opened the window and looked out, then I
looked down, oh my, this is not good, the
ground was too far from the window, I can’t
jump. Turning back around I looked at the
little girl. She was giving me a look that said
,’’oya, jump now?, what are you waiting for?.

I had a feeling she knew the window was too
far from the ground, walking back to her and
pointing towards the window I asked,
‘’did you know about the window’’? she just shrugged. Well that’s a yes then.

During this our little talk we both noticed and
at the same time that whole house was quiet,
there was no yelling, no gunshots, nothing. I
was thinking of going to the door to open it,
when suddenly the door came flying open. I
screamed, the little girl ran behind me and
held my waist hiding her face at my back. I
was still screaming, this is because someone
dressed in black was standing there by the
door, he was really tall, his face covered in
paint which was a black paint, he had a gun
clipped to the sides of his waist, another on
his thighs, I think it was on both thighs, and
he was wearing boots, black boots. He looked
like one those guys in this American movie,
the one I watch in Michael’s house….emmmm,
like the ‘’expendables’’, yes that’s how he looked like. He cocked his head to side, and tucked the gun he was holding at the back of his waist. He took a step forward, I quickly retreated, almost falling down with the little girl holding me.

He stopped coming forward and just stood
there. We stood there for a few seconds
neither of us saying a word, I could hear my
heavy breathing, I was seriously scared.

Then the guy said one word that made every
fear in me vanish, I felt like my world was
complete, I knew I was perfectly safe, I knew
that the hell I was in was finally over.

He said, ‘’ My Fola’’.

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