NEW STORY : Adventures of a Street Girl – Season 1 Episode 25

I stood there wondering what that noise could
be, it can’t be Brenda ‘cos she’s tied to chair
so it has to be something else. I stood there
thinking when Nancy asked,
“Why… did…. They…. Run…. Up…….the…

My eyes focused on her, then I shrugged,
looked at Ada, she shrugged too, then the
three of us looked at Becky, she felt us
looking at her, she stopped filing her nails
then raised her head to look at us,
“Why are you all looking at me, how am I
supposed to know what’s happening?” 
asked scowling at us
“Becky don’t you think we should all go up
and check it out? We shouldn’t be leaving
everything for the guys you know?”
 That was
asked by Ada,
Without any concern, Becky shrugged saying
“Well they want us to leave it for them, and
that’s what we’ll do”
 then she returned back
to her nails.

“Well I’m not going to leave it for them; I’m going up to check’’ said Ada, then she turned
around and began to match to the stairs
confidently without fear.

The rest of us; meaning, Nancy and I (Becky
not included), watched her go. Then suddenly
Nancy got up and followed Ada’s footsteps
walking behind her, they both started to go
up the stairs while I stood there watching.

Ada turned around a few steps up the stairs
and asked, “Aren’t you coming Fola?”
Hmmm maybe I should go with them, would
be stupid of me not to. So I turned around
too, and matched my little self up the stairs


but with fear not with confidence ‘cos I was
certain Michael was going to kill me once he
finds us there with them.

So we all matched up the stairs determined to
figure out what this stupid noise is that
destroyed our happy bubble is all about.

I could feel my boys running along with me,
heading towards Ada’s room, the inspector
and his men were right behind us. The noise
we heard came from this room, so it could
only mean one thing, that is; Brenda trying to
escape. And that won’t happen, no it won’t.
She has to pay for what she did to Fola.

I was the one to get into the room first, what
I saw brought me to a quick stop. The rest
stopping behind me, Gibson ran into me from
behind almost making me fall forward but he
held me back to prevent that,
“Guy what’s up why did you stop like that
 asked Gibson, moving to stand beside
me and not behind. I raised my hand, finger
pointing then said,
“Because of that”
Gibson removed his eyes from me to look at
what I was pointing at, immediately his eyes
got to what I was pointing at, he burst into
laughter, I shook my head chuckling, the rest
came further into the room to know what was
happening, immediately they did, and they
saw what we were seeing, they also burst into

It was Brenda no longer sitting but lying
down on the floor awkwardly because of the
chair that was still attached to her. Ada’s
mirror table was totally scattered, looks like
she was looking for something to help cut out
the ropes she had tied to her hands on the
chair. I just wonder how she was going to do
that even if she eventually found one. And
how did she even end up on the floor like

The inspector came further into the room still
chuckling; he walked towards Brenda she was
scowling at him. He squatted down in front of
her taking out his handcuffs from the side of
his waist. One of his men came to help
Brenda up and also to untie her.

The inspector stayed where he was looking at her,
immediately she was untied, he stood back up
handling the cuffs to the other police man
then he read out her rights saying,
“Ok Brenda, You have the right to remain
silent and refuse to answer questions.

Anything you say may be used against you in
a court of law. You have the right to consult
an attorney before speaking to the police and
to have an attorney present during
questioning now or in the future, do you
understand me?” he asked after he was done reading her rights
She just continued to scowl at him refusing to
“Ok I guess we understand each other” said
the inspector, “take her away” he continued.

With her hands cuffed to her back, Brenda
was lead out of the room, we all watched her
as she walked out, glad that she was finally
being taken away.

“Well! Thank God that’s over” said Bello

“Yeah thank God” stated Gibson dolefully
Michael looked at Gibson, eyebrow raised, “is
everything o.k. Gibson?”

Gibson kept quiet, eyes unfocused, staring at
the door.

Michael asked again, “Gibson is everything

Gibson focused his attention on Michael,
looked at him then he faced forward again.

His hands rubbed his head then down his
face. He expelled a deep breath and said, 
Ada broke up with me”
 yelled Michael and Stephen
simultaneously, Bello just stood there staring
“Yeah not long, like five minutes ago”
“What happened, I mean you guys usually
argue but you always reconcile, so what
brought about this break up?”
 asked Stephen,
concern written all over him and in his voice.

“Well I basically tackled Ada into the pool”
said Gibson

“So that’s why she was wet?” said Michael knowingly
“Yeah that’s why she was wet” replied Gibson

“I’m sure you guys will get back together, you don’t have to get yourself all worked up
about it”.
 Said Stephen

“I know we will, ‘cos I’m going to make sure we do, I’ll do everything in my power to get us back together. I’m not giving up that
 said Gibson looking determined.

“That’s the spirit” said Stephen smiling
encouragingly at Gibson.

“Ok since that has been cleared out, let’s go down stairs and see to the girls, they’ll
definitely be worried, so let’s go”
Michael, and off they went, each of them
filing out with Michael leading them.
I walked through the hallway with my girls
feeling really cold, my hair was wet, my
clothes, my shoes and everything on me was
wet. I was totally and absolutely
uncomfortable. But even in my state it
dawned on me that Michael didn’t put the
ring on Fola’s finger. I mean what; does he
want to keep it? so I said,
“ Fola, Michael didn’t give you his ring” I
stated, this didn’t bother Fola ‘cos she
immediately started to smile.
Then she said,
“Yeah.. Doesn’t matter though, he asked, I
said yes, when he’s ready to give me the ring
he’ll do it. I’m sure he has his reasons for
not doing it.”

With my eyebrows raised I asked “are you for real? He asked you to marry him, and there’s no ring on your finger, kai are we in the olden days?”

“It’s not like that Ada”

“Then it’s like how Fola” I said angrily, like the ring was meant to be mine.

She stopped walking; this made us all to stop
walking, and then she focused her eyes on

“Ada, I just got attacked this afternoon,
almost died. This scared Michael and I to a
level you don’t understand, it became clear to
the both of us that any of us can die at any
moment. So we shouldn’t waste the time we
have. But mind you I didn’t cajole him to
propose, he did this all on his own”

Ada looked as if my words were confusing.

Wasn’t I clear enough? “ Ada, did you hear
what I just said?”

Ada continued to look at me with her face
blank, then suddenly it started to crumble, her
mouth turned into a horrible frown, her
forehead sq££zed together, then she emitted
a girly, shriek like, horrible sound then
immediately burst into tears.

What the….? I didn’t see that coming. Was I
too harsh?

“ Ada I’m sorry if what I said hurt you, please I didn’t mean to make you cry” I took her
hands into mine confused all of a sudden at
her sudden outburst.

Nancy came closer to Ada putting her hand
on her shoulder frowning, and then she looked
at me. I tried to apologize once more and to
calm her down

“Ada I’m really sorry, I really didn’t mean to
 But she spoke above me; tears in her voice making it sound very unclear.

“No no no, it’s not you it’s me” she said with
a shuddering breath, then she continued “it’s,
it’s…. Gibson” 
she wailed out, bursting into

I looked at Nancy confused, she shrugged at
me, and then I focused my attention back at
Ada, she was sobbing hysterically, he
shoulders shaking, hair sticking to her face,
clothes all wet.

“Ada what do you mean by its Gibson, how is
he the one making you cry?”
 I asked
soothingly and calmly
Breath stuttering she said, “ I kind ‘a pissed
him off a few minutes ago, then he chased me
down the stairs, then he tackled me into the
 my mouth was hanging open at this
moment, her breath stuttered once more when
she continued saying, “ then i..i..i broke up
with him”,
 she wailed out once more, crying
her eyes out.

Oh boy, this aint good, we stood there
watching Ada cry. At this point that was the
only thing we could do. Because no matter
what we say it won’t change the fact that she
is heartbroken and this is one of the ways to
heal a broken heart, By crying your eyes out.

With her hands still in mine I said,
“Don’t worry; it’s going to be alright. You two will be back together in no time”.

But she was already shaking her head
negatively before I could finish talking,

“I don’t think that will be happening, I called him bossy”
I raised an eyebrow..

The second eyebrow followed.

“And a chaser” she looked at me impishly
“Well technically all men are” I said
“No” she cried petulantly, stumping her feet,
“I said it as an insult, and I’m sure he took it as one” then she looked at me sadly.

she actually loves him. Even though she was
being naughty, she loves him. Well seeing as
I’m her friend I’m going to help her as best as
I can. Ada is just a little bit older than me
but that doesn’t bother us. We are more like
sisters and sisters help each. And that’s what
I’m going to do. So as calmly as I could, I

“Ok, here’s what we’re going to do. We are going to take you to your room; you’ll change your clothes in your bathroom ‘cos Brenda is still in your room. Then we’ll go downstairs and have ourselves some chocolate ice cream with lots of other sweet things until our jaws hurt and our tummy aches. How’s that? I asked, smiling encouragingly at her. “oh!, and
we’ll also avoid seeing Gibson”,
“But I like Gibson”
 said Nancy, scowling at me
“I know you do dear, but we are doing this for
Ada ok, just bear with us.” 
I said looking at

“Well………ok” said Nancy grudgingly. Then I looked back at Ada, She smiled at me, but
her smile was shaky and wobbly. Then she
nodded saying yes.

“Perfect, let’s go” then with Ada in the middle, Nancy at the right and me at the left,
we led a sad, tearful Ada to her room to
change, and get some chocolate ice cream
and some other sweet things until our jaws
hurt and our tummy aches.

We walked out of the room, Michael leading
us, Brenda and the police men with the
inspector in front of us. And in front of them
were Fola and Nancy, holding a crying Ada
walking towards us. I wonder why she is

I could suddenly feel the tension with us,
Michael won’t be taking this well. He walked
faster ahead of us, squeezing through the
police men holding Brenda to get to Fola.
Immediately Fola saw him coming she
stopped. Then she looked at Ada, Ada looked
at Nancy.

“They are going to run” said Gibson eyes on Ada Bello chuckled, and true to his words they did. Both Ada and Fola turned around at the
same time and ran like their tails were on
fire. Michael immediately stopped walking,
stood for a few seconds watching them run
until they were gone, and then turned around
looking dumbfounded. In his confused state
he asked,
“What just happened?”
“Well, Michael, your woman knew you were
going to give her some scolding and just
because she wasn’t interested in it, she
decided to run away than face your wrath.
And personally I think she did the right thing.
Talk to her when you’ve calmed down yeah?”

said Brenda with a smirk
With a deathly scowl, Michael asked, “how is
this concern, I wasn’t talking to you?”

At this time the police men had stopped a
few feet away from Michael, holding Brenda.

She gave it back to him “well you didn’t call
any names so basically you were talking to
no one, you should be grateful that I
answered you sef, mshw rubbish”
“Why, you…good for nothing….”
 He didn’t finish, he was taking determined steps
towards Brenda to do what I don’t know. But
the inspector stopped him by placing a hand
on his stomach to hold him back. Michael
looked enraged, really enraged.

Then Bello walked to him and whispered in
his ears, none of us could hear what he was
saying. But when he was done, Michael
seemed ok. He stepped aside for the police
men to pass through. We stood watching
them go. Then Michael started to follow them
once more, but peacefully this time. Well, all
is well thank God.

Once we left the room, I had already seen the
girls in front of us. And even with Mr. Smiths
back facing me I knew he was pissed. He
really doesn’t want the girls to be around
Brenda. Not for anything at all. So I prepared
myself for the worst. Probably a little bit of
yelling from both sides (Mr. Smith and Fola).

But after they had bolted out of the hallway
like they were in a competition, and Brenda
had outsmarted Mr. Smiths with her words, I
knew I had to step in. so I did.

As quickly as I could, I walked pass Stephen
and Gibson to stand in front of Mr. Smith with
the inspector holding him back with his hand
on his stomach. Then I placed my hand on
his shoulder, stood real close to him and
whispered in his ear.

“Brenda is trying to anger you, she knows you are a Christian, we have already exhibited
bad characters towards her from the
beginning, that’s not Christian like plus she
knows your weakness is Fola she’s just trying
to get under your skin, please sir control
yourself, don’t take the bait. Let her go. What
will Jesus do?”

With my hand still on his shoulder I looked
him straight in the eye. Waiting and hoping
he listens to me. He was still scowling, but
then his face relaxed, he nodded his head,
understanding showing. And I knew I had
gotten through to him. Thank God.

Michael and I then stepped aside to let the
inspector and the police men pass through
with Brenda. Brenda wasn’t smiling at all;
right now she looked confused and angry at
the same time. As she passed I smiled at her
and said,
“Hope you decide to change your ways, like

She ignored me facing forward, and away they
The next day.


So yesterday was awful but interesting, after
we ran away from Michael, (by we, I mean
Ada and I). We ran towards the pool side.

Firstly we went there cos well…… I don’t know
we just did, and then second, we went there
so Ada could stand under the sun to dry off a

We were there for about five minutes but we
didn’t hear or see Michael barging in through
the screen door to yell at us. We even heard
them saying goodbye and thanking the
inspector and his men, after that, Silence.

So we decided to go in, whatever wrath we
were to face from Michael, we would take.

We held each other’s hands and walked in,
praying in our hearts that the yelling won’t
be bad.

When we got in, no one was in the living
room, we stood there staring. Where is
everyone I thought to myself? Then the smell
of food filled the air, we looked to our right,
and right in the dining room was everyone,
eating. I mean they were actually eating. I
looked at Ada, she looked at me. Then we
both walked in.

Getting in, Michael looked up from dishing a
full serving spoon of fried rice into his plate.

He was standing with his body bent over the
dining table. With a smile on his face he
invited us saying,
“Come on in and eat, I’m sure you girls must be starving”
 said Ada, oh yeah this scene really
needs a “huh?” we looked at each other again, totally confused. Then my eyes
scanned the whole room, and everyone
seemed to be in their element, all eating and
enjoying themselves. Wow!

Nancy turned in her seat to look at us, she
smiled then she waved us in, saying,
“Come and eat, the food is awesome”

Then she faced her food once more, digging

Ada let go of my hand to walk further into the
room, she sat beside Nancy then immediately
started to dish food into her plate that was in
front of her.

While I kept standing there still totally
confused, I came prepared to face Michael’s
wrath and he’s here inviting me to come and
eat, am I in an alternate universe?

“Babe, come sit down and eat” said Michael once more, I shook my head, he raised an
eyebrow, and it was at that moment my
tummy decided to speak for me with an
embarrassing growl. The whole table stopped
eating at once, Gibson had his fork half way
to his mouth his eyes on me, Stephen turned
his neck to look at me, Bello’s lip was lifted
up in a smirk, and Michael’s lips were
twitching. To save myself of getting further
embarrassed I said,

“ ohh alright, I’ll eat, but not because you
said I should, or because my tummy just
growled like a lion, but because I need to,
food is a necessity”
 then I walked to my sit,
situated beside Michael, sat my but down,
and dished food into my plate.

The aroma was amazing, there was fried
chicken, salad, fresh orange juice, and a
variety of other foods. I dug into my rice once
I was done serving myself and ate like the
world was coming to an end and this would
be my last chance of eating this particular
kind of food.

The room said nothing, but I could hear a few
chuckles, my bet is it was Gibson.

I was in bed sleeping with the lights off, when
suddenly I felt someone cover my mouth with
a cloth. I began to struggle but the person
was extremely strong. Oh my gosh I’m being
kidnapped, no no no, pls god please.

I continued to struggle with all my might, but I
was getting really sleepy, and then everything
went black.

Around 12 midnight I was in bed reading a
book, for some reason I couldn’t sleep. I have
read up to four different books right now, I
started reading around 10.

As I was reading a heard a noise in the
hallway, my thought was maybe it was Nancy
going down to the kitchen to grab a glass of
water. She does that every night. Even before
her voice came back.

But at the same time I felt something was
wrong so I decided to go check it out. I
opened my bedroom door, to see three men
all in black walking down the hall, two of
them carrying Fola and Nancy over their
shoulders. My eyes bugged out, and I knew if
I didn’t do something, anything, they would
be gone forever.

“Hey!” I yelled they all turned around to look,
immediately they saw me, they began to
shoot at me. I quickly went back into the
room but I was too late, I got hit in the chest.
Then I fell to the ground and everything went

I was sleeping peacefully when the sounds of
gunshots woke me. I quickly turned to the left
side of my bed to open the bedside table and
brought out my beretta M9 hand gun.

I keep it with me with me for protection, and
someone needs protection. Jumping out of
the bed, I ran out of my bedroom with only
my pyjama shorts to cover me, Fola and the
rest of the household under my care on my

Immediately I got out, I ran down the hall to
Nancy’s room, her door was left opened with
the lights off, I turned it on, and she wasn’t
on the bed. I called out her name but she
didn’t answer.

Then I ran further to Ada’s room, her lights
were off too and she wasn’t on the bed. I was
about to leave when I heard a whimper. I
walked in quickly to where it was coming

On the other side of the bed lay Ada in her
night gown, hands tied to her back with a
masking tape on her mouth.

As quickly as I could, I bent down to do quick
works getting her free. And the first word that
I could form at that moment once I was done

“Fola” she looked at me eyes wet, obviously
she was crying. Then she shook her head,
sitting on the ground holding her legs bent
forward crying.

“Ada what are you saying where is Fola?”
“They took her, I’m so sorry, I tried to stop
them but I couldn’t I’m so sorry.”
 My heart
felt like it would shatter. They’ve taken Fola.

I tried my best to be calm, so as calmly as I
could I asked once more,
“Who took her” Ada shook her head again, “I don’t know, I couldn’t see their face, the lights were off.

Time was going and asking her questions
wasn’t helping, so I got up, helped her to her
feet and said.

“Nancy was also taken” she gasped, her eyes bugging out then she said, “oh my god”
I nodded my head “Lock your room, turn on
the lights and don’t come out”.
 She nodded at me but she was really scared I could see it in her eyes.

I walked out of her room to my own room.
Immediately I got in, I went in search of my
phone which was on the bedside table. I
picked it up and quickly dialed Gibson’s
number, my hands were shaking as I did so.

The two people that I love dearly has been
taken and I know who did it. “Tinu”.

I placed my phone to my ear to hear it ring, it
rang twice before Gibson picked it up.

“Hello” he said his voice groggy from sleep,
“Gibson, Fola and Nancy have been taken”

And then, “what did you say?”
I walked over to the bed thinking maybe I
could sit down but I changed my mind,
instead I walked back and forth trying my
very best to be calm.

“What I said Gibson, they’ve been taken, and I’m sure its Tinu, I need you here

“On my way”

And he was, I could hear him getting up from
his bed. I cut the line then walked over to my
wardrobe to change what I was wearing. I
don’t care how long it takes but starting from
this very minute I’m going look for Nancy and
Fola even if it takes all night.

As soon as I was done putting my clothes on
I heard Ada scream,
“Stephen, no!”
I ran out of the room thinking, what
happened to Stephen and isn’t Ada supposed
to be in her room?


The gunshots is what startled me, I was
standing at the back of the house by the
fence, taking a look around the house to
make sure there was no intruders. I don’t
know how they got in but they did.

I ran as fast as I could to the front but I was
too late, Fola and Nancy were being placed
into a Toyota venza. I ran towards them but
the car started and they were off. I watched
the car speed off without being able to do
anything. The gate was wide open. How in
the world did they get in? I looked around to
see my men on the ground, passed out, I
quickly checked to see if they were alive.

Thankfully they were.

So Seeing as I couldn’t do anything, I ran to
the main door, opened it and ran in to go and
let Mr. smith know what’s happening. But
knowing him, I’m sure he already knows.

As I got to the stairs, I heard Ada scream,
“Stephen no!”
I picked up speed, running up the stairs,
“what’s wrong with Stephen now?”


I was in my room pacing about, ‘cos
obviously I couldn’t sleep. I kept remembering
how I was tied up. This is how it happened,

I woke up from sleep feeling pressed, Fola
was sleeping peacefully beside me, and so I
got up to use the bathroom. Once I was done,
I flushed, washed my hands and dried them.

Then I opened the door to go back to bed,
immediately I did, I saw a man in black
carrying Fola, walking out of the room, I was
about to scream when the other from nowhere
covered my mouth with his palm. Then he
used his other hand to hold one of my hands
behind me painfully.

He then whispered in my ear, “If you scream,
you will die”.
 Then I felt a gun pressed to my back. I was scared, I didn’t want to die, not
now, not when Gibson and I haven’t reconciled.

So I kept quiet.

He told me to lie down on the floor at the
other side of my bed, and then he tied my
hands. Immediately he was done he left, a
few minutes later I heard Stephen yell, then I
heard the gunshots. At that time my prayer
was that Stephen should be alright.

Which brings me back to now, after Stephen
yelled I didn’t hear anything from him, only
from Mr Smith. I was a bit concerned to I
decided to go and check. As I walked out of
my room, I could hear Mr Smith talking on
the phone; it could be Gibson he was talking,
which means Gibson will be here soon, thank

I walked to Stephen’s room to notice his door
was left ajar, hmmm.

As I got closer to his door, I saw his legs
first, and then his body followed. He was
lying prone on the ground soaked in his own
blood, he wasn’t moving.

I stood there for a second then screamed,
“Stephen no!”, then quickly ran towards him, I bent down to take a look at him, I had no idea what to do.

i turned him over then I touched his face, he
was still warm to the touch, and then I
checked for his pulse on his neck, it was
beating but it wasn’t strong. Oh my god he’s
losing a lot of blood.

“What’s going on, what happened to
 my head jerked up to the sound of
Mr. smith’s demanding voice; I choked out in
a tearful voice saying, “his been shot”.
Mr. Smith eyes bugged out in fear, he took
quick steps towards Stephen on the floor, and
then he looked at his chest where the
gunshot wound was, his eyes quickly came to
me when he said, “Get me a towel now”.
. I got up, ran to Stephen’s bathroom to
get his towel then ran back out to Stephen on
the floor, Mr. Smith was holding out his hand
for the towel so I placed it in his hand. He
then quickly placed the towel on the gunshot
wound, then he looked at me and said, “Hold
this down on him, don’t let go”
 I nodded, got down on my knees and placed my hands on
Stephens chest, holding the towel down to
suppress the blood flow.

Then he got up. Immediately he did, Bello ran
into the room, he took in everything then he
looked at Mr. Smith, “sir, what …., how…..?”
he closed his eyes, took a breath, then
continued, “how is he doing sir?”
Michael walked towards him face angry and
said “call the hospital”.

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