NEW STORY : Adventures of a Street Girl – Season 1 Episode 4

NEW STORY : Adventures of a Street Girl – Season 1 Episode 4

Hi peeps, my name is Fola. I am homeless,
poor, hungry, tired and I have a sprained
ankle, before I got this sprained ankle I was
running away from a mean man that wanted
to give me food except for the fact that I
would have to sleep with him before I could
get that food.(unnghhh) disgusting; I could
throw up right now but I don’t have any food
in my tommy so I can’t. Anyway.. , through
my escape I ran into a wall, sorry Michael, I
ran into Michael, a very rich, tall, handsome
dude, that acts weird, the impact of running
into him made me fall down, which led to me
having a sprained ankle. And get this; he
doesn’t get affected by my glares. I mean I
have super good glares that could make a
grown man cry, and it doesn’t affect him.

NEW STORY : Adventures of a Street Girl – Season 1 Episode 4

Right now I’m at his house a really fine house
for your information, and I am planning to
escape because I can bet with whatever food
that I finally eat today that Michael Is an
assassin. And I am in deep trouble because I
cant escape with my sprained ankle, but I
have to, because assassins are heartless, and
cold, and scary. And Michael is scary, but I
don’t know if he’s cold or heartless, and I
don’t want to know so I have to escape.

Right at this very moment I am still being
carried by Michael which feels good by the
way, half of my body bent backwards , looking
at his door at the corridor of his house
leading to the living room trying to figure out
a way to escape wishing I was out of his
house far away from him. I know you think
I’m stupid, like; why would someone want to

NEW STORY : Adventures of a Street Girl – Season 1 Episode 4

leave a house like that, leave someone that is
ready to care for her, feed her and do good
things for her. Well let me tell you, I love my
life, I don’t want to stay in a scary man’s
house, a killer’s house, so I would rather
leave and stay somewhere else.

I heard voices and realized that I had done it
again, the bad habit that I have, which is not
paying attention to my surroundings, Michael
and the grim looking man were both talking,
so I decided to keep my escape plan aside
and listen to them.

‘’Sir who is this young woman’’, said the grim
looking man.

Edgar, this is Fola, she will be staying with us
for a few days, she has a sprained ankle so I
would appreciate it if you told Nancy to
prepare a room and a bath for her. She will
also need food and clean clothes.
Of course sir, said Edgar still looking grim by
way. Maybe he doesn’t have the ability to
smile, maybe he has been cursed to never
smile in his entire life ever again. And he
looks so sad and dull, hmm or maybe he has
never been married and he has no children,
no family. Oh my, maybe he feels lonely.

Sir, what is she thinking about? Said Edgar,
giving me a strange look to accompany his

I don’t know Edgar, she does that a lot. she’s
a thinker. Hmm Fola the thinker,I like that.

Said Michael, with his twitching lips.

Well that got me out of my thinking zone.
Yo! Micheal don’t call me that.i am not Fola the
thinker I am Fola’’, just Fola
‘’Whatever you say dear’’, said Michael
.giving me a full blown smile. Annoying
human being. I realized our introduction was
over, this was because we started to move,
the movement caused me some great pain in
my leg, I didn’t like it at all.

Michael looked at me and apologized, ’’ sorry
he said, you’ll be in a bed in a minute.

We walked into a room, a huge room with a
huge bed, two large windows, with long
drapes. The bed had two small tables at the
side each having a lamp stand on it.

The whole room had a green carpet and the walls
were painted off white. It was a really nice

He placed me on the bed, arranged me
properly by placing a pillow underneath my
bad leg, and then sat beside my legs looking
at me. We both stared at each other silently,
neither saying anything, the room was quiet
and the mood was ackward. We both jumped
a little to the sound of the door been knocked
on. ’’ whew’’ thank God for that.

A young tall lady walked in, she was really
pretty, she wore an apron, a knee length
gown, her hair was packed in a ponytail, and
she wore pin earrings. No makeup on. But
that didn’t matter because she looked pretty
without the makeup.

Michael turned around to look at her, she
looked at him and greeted, goodevening Mr.

Hmm Mr. Smith so that’s his surname. The
way she looked at him made me a bit
curious; this is because she looked a bit

Good evening Ada, replied Michael, this is
Fola, she will be staying with us for a few
days, she has a sprained ankle so I’m asking
you to please take care of her. She will need
your help.

Of course sir, replied Ada.

Michael looked at me and said, Fola I’ll leave
you two alone now, so you can have a bath,
change, eat and rest I’ll come and check on
you tomorrow morning.

He didn’t wait for me to reply; he just got up,
thanked Ada again and left.

We were both looking at the door as it closed
behind Michael; I was still looking at the door
when Ada decided to speak. And this is what
she said.
NEW STORY : Adventures of a Street Girl – Season 1 Episode 4


What have you done?

Hmmm strange question. I looked at her and
answered, nothing Ada, I have done nothing.

She wasn’t convinced so she spoke again,
Fola, this man is not someone you can mess
with. If you love yourself just leave right now
so you won’t get hurt.

I really didn’t understand what she was
saying; I mean all that Michael has done so
far is to help me. He hasn’t done anything
hurtful towards me. So I asked her, Ada why
are you saying this, Michel has done nothing
but help me, I have been living on the streets
for like 8 years now, no home, no food, no
friends, do you expect me to run away from
the opportunity of having what I haven’t had
in years?

‘’8 years? How old are you Fola’’, asked Ada.

‘’I’m 21 years old’’, I replied.
‘’Wow. You look 18’’
 said Ada.
Yea I know.

Well ok, since you don’t want to leave lets get
to helping you get clean and putting on better

I gave her a genuine smile, thank you Ada, I’ll
love that.

She walked into the bath room which was a
few feet away from the bed, switched on the
lights , walked to the gigantic bath tub, filled
it with water, came back to me, helped me to
sit up, took off my clothes gave me a towel
and supported me by holding my waist, then
led me to the bathroom. I felt like I was going
into a room filled with so many chocolates
that’s how good and happy I felt going into
the bathroom to have a bath, it was the best
feeling ever.
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