NEW STORY : Adventures of a Street Girl – Season 1 Episode 6

NEW STORY : Adventures of a Street Girl – Season 1 Episode 6

Sitting on the side of the bed, I look around
the room. The room is very cozy and warm.

A few hours ago I was living on the streets,
begging for food, fighting the cold with the
little clothing I had to wear. And now? Now..

I’m sitting on a bed, wearing pygamas, being
kept warm. If this isn’t a miracle then I don’t
know what it is. But God has turned my life

Still sitting on the bed, I think about Ada, she
really has gone through a lot, losing her
family, her whole entire family. It’s harder for
her because she knew what real love was.

She knew the love of a mother and father. She
knew what it meant to be cared for. And all of
these were taken away from her in just one

I know I’m broken, because my mother broke
me, by throwing me out of her house at a
young age, and leaving me to care for myself
at that young age, mshww .i shake my head,
remembering all the advances I got from men
old enough to be my father. They didn’t care
if I was too young or not, they just needed
someone to sleep with, and seeing as I was
young they thought they could take
advantage of me, mshww but I showed them,
I made sure that their brain will forever forget
that there is a word like s-x. I remember, one
very cold December night, I was coming out of
a church, I always go there every Wednesday
for bible studies, even though I didn’t own a
bible I still went, because luckily for me, God
gave me a brain that can store loads of stuff
without me having to read, all I had to do

NEW STORY : Adventures of a Street Girl – Season 1 Episode 6

was just listen and everything stays In my
brain, yea I know… Amaizing. Anyway on this
cold night, coming out from the church a very
nice expensive explorer stopped for me at the
junction. The back seat window came down
and an old man, probably in his 50’s wearing
a hat like Bukola Saraki, smilled at me with
the worst dentition ever known to man.

And the odor that came out of his mouth when he
spoke smelt like rotten egg and decayed fish,
it was really bad. I felt like throwing up, it
was awful, I remember it so well, it’s as clear
as a movie in 3D.

‘’Hi little girl’’, said the smelly mouth old man, my God doesn’t he smell the stench
coming out of his mouth?.

Good evening sir. He looked at me from head
to toe, I bet his thinking this is a very easy
target,hehehe has no idea. I give him my best
innocent smile. And act stupid and naïve.

So where are you coming from fine girl, said
the smelly mouth old man.

I’m coming from the church sir. He kept on
looking at me, then he licked his lips.(unghhh

‘’Well I would like to give you a ride home’’.
He said

I tried acting like I was thinking about, and
then I said, ok sir, thank you so much.

I got into the car, and stayed as far away
from him as best as I could, seeing as he was
as large as a cow.

NEW STORY : Adventures of a Street Girl – Season 1 Episode 6


He told his driver to start driving, a few
minutes later he placed his hand on my
thighs, I looked at him, then I looked at his
hand on my thighs. He said to me, ‘’you
know you are a very fine girl, if you use your
beauty very well you will have lots of money’’.

I said nothing, I just faced forward, and
planned how I was going to make this man
regret what he’s doing.

He spoke again, ‘’fine girl let me take you to
my hotel, I’ll get food for you, you can have a
bath, I know you haven’t had a bath in awhile
because you look very dirty. Then after we are
done I’ll give you lots of money’’.

I asked, ‘’sir what exactly are we going to

Oh! Well….just some fun things, don’t worry
you’ll love them.

He gave my thighs a light tap, took out a
pack of cigarettes from the pocket of his
native wear( agada) or whatever it’s called.

Lit it up and took a drag of it, blowing out
smoke from his mouth I watched him, wishing
he could choke on his own smoke coming
from the cigarette.then I faced forward,
waiting patiently to deal with him.

20 minutes later, we arrived at his hotel, and
it was really fancy, I’m sure all the rich
people and celebrities in town come here all
the time. We walked into the reception and
immediately the receptionist looked at me,
she looked a bit confused when she saw me,
but she said nothing. She greeted the
smelling mouth old man, and all I did was
keep my mouth shut, they spoke for a few
minutes but then his phone started to ring, he
stepped away from us and moved towards the
couches at the waiting room.

The receptionist looked at me and said, hi
sweetie, do you know Alhaji?

I shook my head in a no gesture.

Ok, then what are you doing with him, aren’t
you supposed to be with your parents?

I don’t have parents.

That surprised her. Then a sad look showed
on her face, God.. I hate it when people start
to pity me, it’s very annoying.

Don’t worry ma, I can take care of myself.

She shook her head, and said, sweetie you
can’t protect yourself from men like that.
I gave her a wicked smile, one that made her
back up little, and said. Watch me.

Right then the smelly mouth old man came
back, asked for the key to one of the rooms,
she gave him a card instead, hmm….. Weird
,why would she give him a card, cards can’t
open doors na? we started to walk to the
elevators at the right side close of some pot
plants plants, which were very pretty by the

We got to the room, he used the card to open
it the door, and my mouth fell open, wow a
card open a door. Amazing.

He went in before me (totally not a
gentleman), placed his phones yes phones, he
had like 3 on him, on the table that was by a
mirror placed on the wall. Then he turned to
me and said, I have ordered for food and
drinks, some clothes will arrive for you soon.

Why don’t you go into the bathroom and
have a bath, then we can have some fun.

I smiled at him and thanked him, then I made
my way to the bathroom, I’ll describe the
bathroom in just 5 letters, F.A.N.C.Y. the
bathroom was tilled but in a classy way, it
had a shower, toilet a bin at the back of the
door and two white towels hanging on a
tower bar. Seeing as I was not planning on
having fun with the old man, I decided to
take my time in the bathroom, and I took a
lot of time. The old man would knock on the
door every 20 minutes thinking something
horrible must have happened to me. And
every time I would say I am fine, that I would
be out soon. I waited till when he finally
knocked on the door again saying my clothes
are here, and the food and drinks had also
arrived. That was when I decided to leave the
bathroom; I could have slept there if I wanted
to because it was super clean.

Opening the bathroom door, I walked into the
room and looked at the old man, lying on the
bed with biggest pot belly ever known to
man. I looked at the pot belly for
approximately 15 seconds, then I looked at
him and said, sir maybe you should also have
your bath? Oh by the way I was tying a towel
because I had no clothes on. The old man
was looking at my legs, I looked at my legs
wondering what was so interesting about it,
and they were straight and skinny, so why
was he looking at it, hmm weird.

Then I looked at him. i repeated my question. Sir
maybe you should go and have your bath

He looked at me like he was coming out of a
trance; it took him a few minutes before he

O ok yea let me go and bath, why don’t you
eat then we can have fun once I’m done.
I smiled at him and nodded my head, letting
him think I’ll do as he’d said.

He up from the bed walked to the bathroom
but did this still looking at my legs, nawa,
this is man is something else, looking at my
legs like he hasn’t seen legs before. He got
the bathroom, gave me a creepy smile, and
then closed the bathroom door.

Immediately he closed the door I went to the
clothes on the bed that he got for me. It was
a blue jeans, a red top that had sexy written
on the front, flat black shoes and a cardigan,
I tried them on and they all fit, hmmm I
wonder how he got my size, he probably must
have told the person buying them that its for
his daughter, even if I don’t know if he has
one, it’s just a guess, cos I have no idea how
he got my size.

Anyway I was hungry I needed food, I would
think about the cloth size later. There was a
table close to the tv and it had a tray loaded
with various foods ,my tummy rumbled, I
rushed to the table and ate anything and
everything. There were chips, chicken, salad,
juice and plantain. Once I was done I sat on
one of the chairs( there were two) didn’t want
to sit on bed where the smelly mouth old
man was.

The bathroom door opened and the old man
came out, having only a towel on his waist, I
looked at the towel then looked at him.

He came towards me asking, why did put on
your clothes, we haven’t had fun yet?, I
quickly got up asking, sir what are you doing.
well fine girl, you have eaten and had your
bath, its time to have fun, come here let me
help you take your clothes off.

WAIT!!!. He stopped and looked at me, a bit
confused. Then he asked. What is it.

My God I had to think of something quick.
I looked at the bed looked at him, and then
suddenly a plan from heaven came upon. Oh
thank you loving Jesus.

I gave him my best good girl innocent smile
and said, get on the bed sir, let’s play.

Ooooohhhh, he was so excited, he looked like
a little boy being given loads of candy.

As he made his way to the bed, I made my
way to the bathroom, got his trousers and
removed the rope he used to hold the
trousers to his waist. Then I made my way
back to the room. Stood beside him, and then
got on top of him. Right now he was really

I told him to stretch his hands above his
head. He did. Wow I thought he wasn’t going
to do it but he did. Then I tied his hands to
bed rail in front of the bed. Immediately I
secured his hands, I got up and ran to get his

Hey! Fine girl where are you going to? Hey!
Put my phone down.

Ignored him, tried opening it and thanked God
his phone had no password; I went to his
application and looked for camera.

Then stood in front of him. Wait, something is
missing, I went closer to him, at this point he
was struggling to get himself loosed, but I
really made the knots tight. He started to yell
at me, saying I will regret what I have done, I
didn’t listen to him, I just went closer to him
and drag the towel from around his waist
leaving him completely naked, and let me tell,
the sigh is not meant for any living soul not
one, everything about him was just wrong, I
mean was he deformed?

Immediately I removed his towel he started to
struggle and yell in earnest. I quickly ran
back to the front of the bed and took loads of
picture of him. Scrolled through his contacts
and saw his wife’s number, I knew it was his
wife because he named her my wife .I quickly
sent the pictures to her saying he is in his
hotel right at that moment, and that he does
this with lots of girls.

Then I went to the table where he kept his
wallet, took out his money and put the wallet
back down. I started to leave but thought
about it. I haven’t punished this man enough
i walked into the bathroom, looked around
until I found new razor blades. Walked back
to the room and stood in front of the bed.

Old man’s face was sq££zed so tight like a
drank lemon, hahahah he was really pissed.

I smiled at him and said, Mr. old man you are
here by punished for trying to sleep with a
girl young enough to be your daughter.

Then I walked closer to him, mind you he is still
struggling. I stood by his side, then used the
blade to make tribal marks on his face, he
screamed like a girl, I felt uncomfortable while
doing it but I had to do it, he had to be
punished. He continued to scream even after I
ran out of the room.

I ran down to the reception area, the
receptionist tried to stop me, but one look at
my face made her change her mind. She said
one word RUN.

And run I did. I ran as fast as I could, never
looking back.

The door to my room opened and Ada walked
in carrying a tray of food, oh! Thank God
food, she saw the look on my face and

She set the tray beside me on the table that
was beside the bed, it had semovita and
egusi soup, with goat meat, a bottle of water
and some panadol.

Ok Fola, this is your food, eat please and eat
all of it, then take two tablets of the panadol,
it will help stop the pain in your leg at least
for tonight.

I smiled at her, feeling extremely happy.
But I didn’t want her to leave just yet, so I said,
Ada will you stay with me please, infarct let
me tell you a story. She looked thoughtful,
but a few seconds later, she agreed to stay,
and there in the room that Michael placed me
in to eat and rest, I told Ada about Mr. smelly
old man. And at the end of my story she
stared at me.

You did that?, she asked

“Wow, you’ve got guts” she said, then she started to laugh again asking, “he was

I laughed along with her and replied, “yes”

It wasn’t funny then, but remembering it now
and saying it to her, it kind’s is.

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