Malaria has respect for nobody as far as Nigerians are concerned.The dirty enviroment,gutters,and our own actions that supports breeding and brooding of mosquitoes that cause

malaria and typhoid fever, like allowing stagnant water or Dirty non flowing gutter around us and consumption of contaminated water.Malaria is the cause of 85 percent of the

sickness in all african countries and Nigeria particularly.The medicine to cure these diseases and sicknesses are all

spread over towns and cities with so many side effects and 80 percent of them are futile (not working),almost everyone is aware of the body itching side effect of chloroquine and

dizziness side effect of it despite the fact that it wont even work,Artesunate ( a malaria drug) is now popular for its ineffectiveness,Ciprofloxacin(typhoid drug) is known for causing

diarrhea nausea and blurred vision instead of curing the typhoid it was made for

THE TRUTH is that Malaria can only be healed and treated perfectly with herbal remedies without any additional problem ,thats why Alayo Malaria and Typhoid cure has been the best so far since the product has been released it doesn’t just cure malaria but it prevents future malaria infections by raising the immunity of your body so that your body will be able to fight against and conquer the malaria parasite whenever you are infected and wash it out before you start feeling any symptom..

The shocker of this herbal medicine is that Alayo Malaria and Typhoid cure can keep you away from malaria and typhoid sickness for 3 years without getting sick at all,it will be an opportunity lost if you dont get this product when the promo is still on ,the NORMAL PRICE IS 15000 Naira but it is now 7000 naira between now and 15th of of November 2019

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