Should VAR And Goal Line Technology Be Introduced Into The Nigerian League?

Whether we like it or not the use of technology in football has come to stay and it’s either we adapt fast or be left behind. Emphatically yes! It should be introduced into the Nigerian league and don’t tell me we don’t have the money or the expertise. We have the expertise ! We can train more if the need be. If Nigerian Mega-churches have enough cameras to cover everything going on in their domain why can’t the Nigerian League? It only requires extra cameras, radios and monitors. VAR and goal line technology should be integrated into the NPFL for the following reasons ?

1. CREDIBILITY: The reason our local league is not attractive enough is lack of credibility. The world will take NPFL serious if the league has credibility and what better way is there to show them we are credible ?
SPONSORSHIP: The reason NFF keeps fighting to get sponsorship is because the league is not attractive enough for investors. We hearing players been owed up and down, players running to Zimbabwe, Morocco and other third world countries to play all because the league lacks sponsorship.

2. MINIMIZE HUMAN ERRORS: We always hear stories of referee getting beating to stupor after a game because of errors. VAR we eradicate that and minimize human errors in the games. The era when referees are beaten up after a game would come to a screeching halt in Nigeria.

3.EMPLOYMENT: FIFA definitely had to employ extra personnel to cover the world cup as a result of this new technology. Think of the impact this would have on the unemployed youth all over the country. Football is big business and there’s huge money to be made from it. Let’s take advantage of it.

4.ADD GLAMOUR TO THE NIGERIAN LEAGUE: The creators of goal line technology (GLT) and Video Assistant Referee are not stupid. They know what they’re doing. There’s no doubt when our league become credible enough and starts attracting sponsorship, it will bring glamour to the Nigerian league, it will make our league beguiling, engaging, charming, charismatic, enchanting, appealing, delightful, irresistible. The era of empty stadium during football games will be over.

DO you think VAR and Goal Line Technology should be integrated into the Nigerian Professional Football League ? Tell us in the comment section

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