The Swedish Prison Where A$AP Rocky Is Detained In Inhumane Condition(Pics) – Celebrities –

A$AP Rocky is said to have recently found himself detained in a Swedish prison after his alleged arrest for a street fight.

The American rapper has been held since being arrested on suspicion of assault on 3 July.

A prosecutor now has until 25 July to decide whether to charge him, Stockholm District Court decided.

And while he was reportedly being kept in ‘inhumane’ conditions, pictures have been released of the jail in Stockholm, giving us an inside look as to where the 30-year-old is believed to be staying.

Is it this 5 star guest house they are calling prison? angry

Prosecutors says, real name Rakim Mayers was involved in a fight in Stockholm on 30 June, where he’d been playing at a festival.

A video published online appeared to show him punching another man in the street.

But the rapper also put videos of his own up on social media.

He says they’re from before the fight and they show the man following him.

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