Why Are Yoruba’s So Nice Even With All The Insults?

I’m not Yoruba but I feel so angry they don’t retaliate when a particular people call them names. The Yoruba’s have been insulted daily without any good reasons just because they support buhari .

Prominent people from these particular region have called Yoruba’s sophisticated morons ( saharareporters.com
The “Sophisticated Morons” Ethnic Slur And The Bigotry Of Vanguard Newspaper By Churchill Okonkwo).

They have called Yoruba’s betrayers, cowards, Fulani slaves and hateful names daily and I don’t see where Yoruba’s respond to them with insults back. I just came from twitter under “fani kayode thread” see how these people insults Yoruba’s just because of political divide.

My advice to the Yoruba nation is to start treating these people like 10th class citizens in Lagos and other Yoruba states, then they will know where they belong


For those that think I’m a Yoruba man that created this new account. I’ve been on nairaland more than most if not all of you. These are some of my monikers no longer in use

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